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Welcome to Star Coffee

By Michal Jagodzinski - April 2nd, 2023

Welcome to Star Coffee, this site serves as my place to document work on projects and writings about random, rough ideas. Check out my Substack publication for more refined articles.

I wanted a site where I can get my thoughts out there without worrying too much about polish. If you like more polish, see the Substack above. Here I will be writing much more frequently, I am planning to publish every couple days or so.

Philosophy of this Site

The core philosophy behind this site is to function as a place for me to "work in public." I've wanted to write more frequently about the things I am learning and thinking about but I do not think my Substack is the best place for that.

I've also wanted to experiment more with Julia, and using Franklin.jl for literate programming is the perfect choice for me. It'll be really nice just writing Julia code and not having to copy and paste results and outputs onto some other site.

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